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Frequently asked questions

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Technical FAQ

Q: Does Refinery compress images before upload??

Yes. We have a focus on speed & simplicity.

This means you can drop on images of any size and Refinery will batch resize the lot before upload, making the upload process much faster, especially on slower internet.

  • Refinery will only compresses images larger than 2048px (on the long edge) with extremely high quality jpg compression – around 95% quality.

Tip: using images less than 2048px will make things a lot faster, because Refinery will skip the compression stage and upload straight away.

Q: Does Refinery keep embedded Color profiles?


Refinery will keep images using sRGB profile intact & should display exactly as you expect.

  •  Images not using sRGB, Refinery will best guess, but this can often leave images looking a little flat. This often happens with images straight out of the camera.
  • For best results on ANY website, not just Refinery, it’s best to export your images with sRGB profile embedded. Of course this only applies if the image is to be viewed on screen. For print, its a different story.

Tip: All modern browsers prefer sRGB and should display it correctly (or as correct as we can hope!).

Q: Are my boards 100% private?

Boards are unlisted from search, and not searchable by google, bing etc, In the same way you can have an unlisted YouTube video.

  • This means your boards will NOT appear in any searches, however they are not encrypted or password protected in any way.
  • Anyone with the URL can see the images and interact with the starring feature.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for your clients to access your images quickly and without and logins or passwords.

Q: Does Refinery work on mobile and tablets?

Yes absolutely.

Our main focus is desktop use and secondarily for mobile and tablet devices. Viewing boards on mobile is pretty solid however we are still fine tuning board creation on mobile devices.

That being said, you can still create boards on mobile and upload from your device.

Q: Is there an app for my phone or tablet?

Short answer, no. 

Refinery is built with the latest web app technology which allows everything to be done within the browser. This means there is no need to download any seperate applications. Everything works in the browser.

it also means your clients don’t have to download any apps to view links you send them. They can just click the link you send them, no passwords, no apps to install. Easy.

Q: How many images can i add to a board?

Currently there is no limit to how many images you can have on a single board, however we suggest under 100 would be a good idea. The more images you have, the more memory is required by the browser and computer to operate smoothly. This is inherent for any website.

We optimise images so your computer can display loads at once without any problems, however we can’t guarantee smooth performance over 100 images.

Q: How many boards can i have?

Currently there is no limit to the amount of boards you can have.

Q: How long will the share link stay active for?

Share links will stay active while the board still exists. i.e., until you delete the board.

If you would like more control over share link time please get in touch.

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