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So what exactly are we doing here?

This huge problem we a trying to solve is simple.
Visual communication is broken.

So often we have to present images to clients or colleagues and receive feedback.
We are building the solution. Think fast, easy, beautiful.

Our main goal checklist.

The solution has to:

  1. Be crazy fast for you, upload and viewing.
  2. Be absolutely idiot proof. Think Grandma simple, for both you the creator and your clients.
  3. Work seamlessly across every device you own, large & small.
  4. Make your work look professionally designed without lifting a finger


Join us in creating the best platform to present and share images & don’t be afraid to get in touch if you want to know more or have ideas to make your life easier.

The Team

Luke Simshauser

Head Honcho, UI/UX Designer, Product Obsessed Guy

Luke has spent 10 years in TV & broadcast industry specialising in Motion Graphics & Compositing. He is obsessed with making things more efficient and imparting years of design wisdom onto the tech world.

Scott Dixon

Node Advocate, Bug Squasher

Programming since his before he could walk, Scott is a kick ass dev that just makes things work. Taking Luke’s hair-brain schemes and making them a reality is one of his super powers. After a few years soaking up the San Francisco startup scene, Scott is back and kicking ass.

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