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40 Free stock photography resources


I’m forever a fan of anyone that offers their work for free. Photography, icons, fonts etc, all take massive amounts of time and effort to create. Here is a nice summary of some of the best resources including my personal favourites: Unsplash & Death to the Stock Photo. 

Should Designers Be Scared of Logo Generator Websites?


I’ve recently posted a few automated logo design tools on Facebook. I recently came across an interesting article (well, opinion piece really) on the effect of these quick tools on designers like you and I.

Here’s an excerpt:

McDonald’s didn’t kill the culinary arts, and an app that creates a cheap logo
is not going to kill design.

 Read the whole article here…

The Fusion of Dance and Motion Capture


An amazing experimental project using Xbox One Kinect for motion data capture.

[gfycat data_id=”ScholarlyPossibleAllosaurus”]

[vimeo w=500&h=280]